Haiku #120 (Fuji-san)

Silent Fuji san~

last roar 1707~

volcanic  giant.

Mt. Fuji snowfall in November 2019 compared to December 2020. Photo courtesy of

Many people in Japan have noticed that the mighty Mt. Fuji, an active volcano, is absent a white snow cap this year. At this time last year and most years, Fuji san’s peak was covered with snow. The last time Fuji san erupted was in 1707, and it was devastating to Tokyo and surrounding areas. Some snow fell on Fuji a few weeks ago, but seemed to disappear rather quickly. Due to the volcano’s instability and the number of earthquakes Japan experiences, Mt. Fuji is monitored by experts 24 hours a day. The lack of snow on the peak of Fuji is causing great concern for those same experts who postulate that the lack of snow on Fuji’s peak could be a warning sign of an eruption in the near future. If so, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

The snowy peak of Mt. Fuji Japan.
Photo courtesy of Japan Magazine at

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  1. an accident waiting to happen…

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