Island of Lost Toys

When I lived in Kurashiki, the Bikan Historical District was a place where my wife and I liked to indulge in quiet, reflective walks or meet friends for drinks and dinner. A few years ago, I traveled back to Kurashiki, Japan to visit a friend and I had the opportunity to revisit the Bikan. I only spent two days wandering it’s narrow streets, but I took copious notes and began writing about my experience. Since then, I have written and rewritten this piece several times. This is my latest revision.

I Saw Elvis Today

In 1993, I found myself in line at a  post office to get the new United States Postal Service’s first ever Elvis Presley postage stamp. Only twenty-nine cents back in the day. I remember it was a madhouse with people dressed as Elvis. I saw “Blue Hawai’i” Elvis, “Aloha from Hawai’i” Elvis, and all manner of Elvis in between!  But what really caught my eye was a little nine year old boy, totally decked out in Elvis attire complete with white jumpsuit, sweeping hair, gold-rimmed sunglasses, and a guitar.