Vegas Normal?

I thought I would start 2019 by sharing a poem. We lived in Las Vegas for several years before moving to Japan. It is a fun city and there is always something to do on any day of the week or time of the day. It is a different lifestyle for sure. I wrote this poem not long after we landed in the Nevada desert. My ode to Las Vegas.

Vegas Normal?


Vegas normal?

120 degree summer heat,

but it’s a dry heat.

Elvis in a pink Caddy on the I-15,

just going to work.

Your picture taken with Chewbacca,                 


TCB baby!

scantily clad showgirls,

or 3 or 4 Minions…only $5.00.


Ditch Fridays at The Palm,

or any rooftop club.

Work your way through college

at Little Darlings, Treasures,

or Hustler.

Cowboy boots and bathing suits

on billboards dripping with sex

letting it all hang out…no imagination needed.


Kids on a leash,

where kids do not belong.

A month’s salary buys dinner for two or

corporate junks with a goal to party.

Carnivals and gatherings

attempting to channel Woodstock

as gaggles of ass and breasts

wait on a shuttle to EDC…a flock of the lost.


Fremont Street experience

can haunt your dreams

of things that cannot be unseen.

Even Bugsy would shudder.

A newly transplanted local with

a jaw-dropping view

of what people do.

What happens in Vegas…stays in Vegas.


Vegas normal can be lonely.


© 2019 Gregory Vessar  


One of five New Year’s Eve celebrations in Las Vegas!


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  1. haha, you, me & the King. I can remember every day of our time together during that awesome 2015 summer.

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