The Ten Best ABBA Songs Ever!

I submit to you my top ten ABBA songs. This list is strictly my own and based entirely on my own opinion of what makes a good ABBA song. I encourage you to comment on your favorites!

My ABBA Top Ten List                                                                

  1. Does Your Mother Know                               

  2. Dancing Queen

  3. Knowing Me Knowing You

  4. Fernando

  5. Mama Mia

  6. S.O.S.

  7. Waterloo

  8. The Name of the Game

  9. Angel Eyes

  10. One of Us

“Does Your Mother Know” ~ ABBA

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  1. Spot on. I think Waterloo should be a few spots higher but totally agree.

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  2. Well, where to begin!!! Congrats on coming up with 10 songs! My top 3:

    1. Dancing Queen
    2. Knowing Me Knowing You
    3. Fernando

    The rest – well it really doesn’t matter.

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