The TEN Best Snow Songs

“We come from the land of the ice and snow from the midnight sun where the hot springs blow.”  ~Jimmy Page, Robert Plant

Before my wife and I moved to Misawa, Japan, we were told that it “snows a lot”. Misawa is located in northern Japan near the tip of the main island of Honshu, just below the island of Hokkaido. It is hard to visualize how “snows a lot” actually looks or feels. I was not prepared! We have already received over three feet of snow in 2019 and about a foot of that snow fell in a span of 24 hours! The total snowfall for this winter so far is a little over ten feet. News flash: More snow is coming! So, in celebration of all that snow, if I don’t celebrate I’ll go “snowblind”, I give you my list of ten songs of snow. Granted, most of them use snow as a metaphor for something else, but give them a listen next time you are snowed in!

  1. “Snowblind”     Black Sabbath
  2. “Snow Blind”   Ace Frehley
  3. “Snow (Hey Oh)” Red Hot Chili Peppers
  4. “Snowblind” Styx
  5. “Rider in the Snow” The Cult
  6. “Snowblind Friend” Steppenwolf
  7. “Snow in His Hair” Johnny Cash
  8. “White as Snow” U2
  9. “Little Bit of Snow” Howard Jones
  10. “Amid the Falling Snow” Enya

Bonus Must Listen Snow Song (Okay, snow is not in the title, but the first line!)

“Immigrant Song” Led Zeppelin

Heavy Snow in Tree

The morning after over a foot of snow fell in the span of 24 hours. Misawa, Japan. Feb. 2019. Photo by Greg Vessar

A Misawa deathcicle!

I measured this icicle by my front door. It measured six feet one inch! Misawa, Japan. Feb. 2019. Photo by Greg Vessar


Also, there is an interesting hip/hop album titled “Snow” by 12 Inches of Snow. The song “Informer” caught my attention.

© 2019 Gregory Vessar

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  1. That’s a serious icicle!

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  2. You’re from northeast Kansas and you weren’t prepared for the snow. That scares me. Lol

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  3. Spot on list. Had to go back and listen to a few of them. I would move johnny up higher but just personal preference. You need to be out digging snow forts and tunnels!

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  4. That’s a whole lot of ‘blind’, a whole lot of snow and a whole lot of wonderful murder weapons!

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  5. Concur. And I would like to add – By-Tor and the Snow Dog by Rush!

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