That’s My Brother! Award Recognizes SAEC-CC/DC Partnership

The Saline County Community Corrections and Drug Court (CC/DC) Team

CC/DC team members display their award. They are, from left: Brian Vessar, drug court coordinator; Andrew Pellant corrections officer; Annie Grevas, director; Brandon Tomson, corrections officer and Kelly Mobray, SAEC director. Photo courtesy USD 305

A big SHOUT OUT to my brother, Brian, and his colleagues for receiving the Kansas Adult Education Association (KAEA) Humanitarian Award!

According to the Salina Post, “Staff at CC/DC work side by side with the SAEC team to provide the support needed for clients to navigate hurdles and achieve success,” Mobray explained. “The results are life-changing; clients are connected to SAEC services so they can improve their lives through education and employability training.” The CC/DC team was recognized in February at the KAEA annual meeting, at a Saline County Commission meeting, and in March at the Partners 4 Success graduation.

Way to go Brian! I’m proud of you! I wish I could have been there to help you celebrate!

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  1. Thanks big bro! Lots of good people and great programs working together.

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  2. Congratulations Brian!

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  3. Brilliant Brian . Out there inspiring troubled folks so that they may lead a better life. Proud to call you family!

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  4. I’m pretty partial to this crew in Salina!!! They are fantastic to work with!!!

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