Cold Gin Time Again!


KISS Alive! Signed for me by the Spaceman himself: Ace Frehley!

“Cold Gin” is one of my favorite KISS songs. The rock group KISS and gin go together like rock goes with roll. It is also one of my favorite drinks on a hot summer night and when playing Cribbage. Written by lead guitarist Ace Frehley while riding the subway in New York City,  “Cold Gin” appeared on the group’s self titled debut album KISS in 1974. Ace was nervous and shy about his voice back then, so he persuaded Gene Simmons to sing the song in the studio and during live performances. Ace has gained confidence in his vocal ability since that time and now sings “Cold Gin”, “Shock Me”, and other tunes at his solo shows. I was over-the-top excited when Ace launched into “Cold Gin” during his show last fall in Tokyo. He rocked it! He did, however, sing the song as a member of KISS during their short lived reunion tour in the mid 90s. On the KISS Hotter Than Hell Tour, “Cold Gin” provided the space needed for Ace “The Spaceman” to fire off a killer guitar solo. The studio version on the album KISS is a solid, casually rocking tune, but the version that appears on KISS Alive! is a raucous party anthem!

Admittedly, “Cold Gin” is not a particularly technical song to dissect nor is there anything overly special about it, other than Ace wrote it and it rocks! Every time I hear the song, I smile, sing along, play my air guitar, and rock out! And sometimes in this world when the media and technological assault on our senses become too much, that is enough. And I’m good with that!

Rock on Spaceman!

Rock on KISS Army!

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  1. Been a long time since I’ve heard that version, and damn, it just rocks!

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