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Lawson in Misawa, Japan. April 2019.

Lawson in Misawa, Japan. April 2019. Photo bu Greg Vessar.

“I’m so hungry I could eat a sandwich from a gas station.” I always think of Chevy Chase’s  classic line from the movie “Vacation” when I enter a Japanese konbini. Mainly because most Japanese gas stations do not sell food or drinks so you have to stop at a konbini. Konbini is the Japanese term for convenience store and it is more than okay to eat a packaged sandwich from a konbini. In fact, all the food you can buy at a konbini – hot, cold, fresh, processed, packaged – is always quality and well worth the money. Konbinis are open 24/7 and offer a wide variety of food, drinks, and everyday items. You can find a konbini on almost every block or street corner. They are the go-to-store for a snack or drink on the run. Whenever I have a long train ride ahead of me, the first place I stop on the way to my train is a konbini. Often, you can find a konbini located in the train station. Now that is convenience.

Family Mart in Misawa, Japan.

Family Mart in Misawa, Japan. April 2019. Photo by Greg Vessar.

The two big konbinis in Misawa are Lawson and Family Mart. There are a couple of other brand names, but those two are the most popular. My must have items consist of an egg salad sandwich, a tuna mayo onigiri, and a Coke. They also have great hot foods for sale such as fried chicken, steaming pork buns, and a wide variety of prepared meals that you can heat up in the microwave right on site. If you would rather consume your food with something other than a soda or water, there is also a wide selection of beer, wine, and liquor.

Konbini Bread!

A package of bread at Lawson. Misawa, Japan. April 2019.


Sandwiches at Family Mart. Misawa, Japan. April 2019. Photo by Greg Vessar

Today, I bought some bread and a tuna mayo onigiri at Lawson and then I stopped by Family Mart for a delicious egg salad sandwich. Both konbinis sell those items, but I like Family Mart’s egg salad best. Luckily they are both not far from home! Itadakimasu!

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  1. There’s just so much unique snacks and drinks to discover in a Japanese Konbini. The ones here in Korea a quite enticing too.

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  2. Do they come with “real tomato ketchup” Eddie? Dont think i will be trying an egg salad samich from the kwiky mart here in the states!

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