Misawa Bowl

Misawa Bowl

Misawa Bowl. April 5, 2019. Photo by Greg Vessar.

My friend Phillip messaged me and invited me to spend the afternoon bowling with him and his five year old son, Alex. I accepted the invitation and his offer to drive. He picked me up and announced that we were not bowling at the bowling center on base today. We were headed to Misawa Bowl, which is located off-base in Misawa City. This was great news as I had not been to Misawa Bowl yet.


Stop! Better take my shoes off! Misawa Bowl. April 5, 2019. Photo by Greg Vessar.

When we walked into the bowling alley, we were greeted with a sign that read “Please change into slippers”. So we did. They were typical Japanese public slippers that never fit and that you have to shuffle in to walk so they don’t leave your feet. Once slippered up, we went to the counter and received our lanes. We got two lanes so Alex could have bumpers and Phillip and I could bowl without the bumpers. All three of us had our own shoes and bowling ball, so we did not have to rent them. Although, the process looked pretty cool as it looked like the rental shoes were in a type of vending locker machine! I wish I had taken a photo. Maybe next time.

No Shoes...Slippers Only!

Entrance to Misawa Bowl. April 5, 2019. Photo by Greg Vessar.

Once at our lane, we changed into our bowling shoes. I have to admit, I was a little confused as to whether or not I could walk around the bowling alley in my bowling shoes outside the bowling lane area! Other than the slippers, everything else was pretty much the same as any bowling alley located in Anywhere, USA.


Misawa Bowl in Misawa, Japan. April 5, 2019. Photo by Greg Vessar.


Carp flags for Children’s Day. Misawa Bowl. April 5, 2019. Photo by Greg Vessar.

The bumpers were up for Alex and bowling commenced. Alex is a speed bowler! He bowled two games in his lane before his dad and I had finished one! Then he was off to the indoor play area while we finished our second game. After bowling, Alex had ice cream from a vending machine, which disappeared about as fast as his two games of bowling.

Bottom line? Bowling is bowling no matter where you engage in the sport. Misawa Bowl had posters of Japanese Pro Bowlers and all kinds of league information and photos. The on-site cafe looked like it had great food, too. In fact, I have not been in a bowling alley yet that did not have great food! Alex had a lot of fun, Phillip and I had a great conversation and kept up our bowling averages, and we left with a promise to return. Misawa Bowl was a STRIKE for all of us!


Received a few of these on our screen! Misawa Bowl. Aril 5, 2019. Photo by Greg Vessar.

Bowling Balls!

Bowling Balls at Misawa Bowl in Misawa, Japan. April 5, 2019. Photo by Greg Vessar


Bowling Instructions and a Japanese Pro!


Japanese Pro on Vending!











My trusted bowling ball!

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