Little Brother


Me and my little brother. Atchison, Kansas. Circa 1970. Photo by Kaye Vessar


Little brother…

Yesterday you were only

three feet tall,

or so it seems.

Always hanging

at my heels,

always underfoot.

No more do I hear

“What are you doing?”

“Can I come?”

Back then, the answer

was usually “NO!”

But the privacy and

solitude I craved

so long ago,

is not as sweet

as perceived.

And the answer is

no longer “No”.

Our time together

is now too few

and far between.

Just know I am

out there, thinking

of you with immense

pride that you are





My brother and I on my last trip to Kansas. Kansas City, Kansas. May 2019. Photo by Larry Vessar


© 2019 Gregory Vessar. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. The honor is mine big brother!!

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  2. I wanna join your family!!!

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