Stranded on a Highway Somewhere in Kansas


Typical Kansas highway.

Stranded on a Highway Somewhere in Kansas


The clouds are moving faster, dark and heavy.

The breeze is getting cooler and it feels good on my face.

I think I felt a raindrop…maybe not.


So many maybes…


Maybe things will be better.

Maybe this candy bar really is the Milky Way.

Maybe that woman had a good reason for not stopping.

Maybe she was late.

Maybe she just did not care.

Maybe she was too scared.

Maybe she did not see anyone.


It’s nice out here…quiet.

Until a car speeds by…again.

When the silence returns, I’m reminded

I’m not really alone.

A chorus of crickets accompany me and

serenade me with their relaxing song.


An empty cup blows across the road

as if dancing alone.

Suddenly the world seems cold and uncaring.

I’m very small out here… a speck of dust

hoping the rain will hesitate.


That’s the fourth, fifth, no…sixth Jeep to fly by.

The clouds are becoming violent and scary.

Black on gray.


Here comes another car.

It’s slowing to stop.


© 2019 Gregory Vessar. All Rights Reserved.


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