Family in Japan Haiku

Traveling Japan~

A family vacation~

Time flies way too fast!

Together at last!

Our first family train ride in Japan! Tokyo, Japan. July 2019.

Shin-Osaka Station Hotel

Shin Osaka Station Hotel. Our first of several very small hotel rooms! Osaka, Japan. July 2019.


Visiting Osaka-jo. Osaka, Japan. July 2019.

Train to Kyoto

On the train to Kyoto, Japan. July 2019.

Miyajima Tori

With our extended family, the Rapleys, at the Tori Gate on Miyajima Island, Japan. Miyajima, Japan. July 2019.

Tokyo Disneyland!

The end of our trip and the sign says it all! Tokyo, Japan. July 2019.

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  1. Brilliant. So happy we could be part of it, brother.

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