My Heart was Stolen on the Tokyo Disney Monorail. 


The Tokyo Disney Monorail. Tokyo, Japan. July 2019. Photo by Greg Vessar.

To the little Japanese girl on the Tokyo Disney Monorail. You looked so innocent and wide-eyed with wonder. You were about to experience the magical wonderland of Disney and I hope you had the time of your life! 

Your eyes were alight with awe and wonder at every turn as you peered out the Mickey Mouse shaped windows. Your voice was shy and gentle as you spoke to your grandmother,  who spoke to you in the same manner as she held your hand. Your mother was occupied with your brother, glued to his side. I’m sure your brother and his chair take up most of your family’s attention. 

You were not the only young child on the train, but you were the one that captured my heart. I wish I had snapped your picture, sitting there with your grandmother. Other kids on the train were adorned with Disney gear from head to toe…Mickey Mouse shirts with matching shoes, Cinderella tiaras with princess gowns, and Mickey hats and sunglasses. Not you. You wore a simple little outfit that did not look new and your Pan Man sneakers were well worn, too. 

Our eyes met and I said, “Konnichiwa.”  

You shyly smiled back at me and softly replied, “Konnichiwa”, as you turned to hide your head in your grandmother’s embrace. 

My hope for you, little one,  is that you wish upon a star and all your dreams come true. I’ll never forget you. 

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