I Miss You Tom…For You, A Top 20!

Tom Petty

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers perform at Wrigley Field Thursday, June 29, 2017 in Chicago. (Armando L. Sanchez/Chicago Tribune/TNS via Getty Images)

Two years ago on October 2, the light that was Tom Petty ceased to exist, but his music lives on. I vividly remember the day he passed. It hit me pretty hard and I was depressed for months. My car radio never strayed from the SiriusXM Tom Petty Channel. If I changed it, Tom would be lost forever…that was my thought process and state of mind. Every song he wrote echoed in my mind.  I had the great fortune of witnessing his live show and it remains one of the best concerts of my life! I had never met Tom, but his music has been, and still is, a huge part of the soundtrack of my life.  You are missed Tom. Thank you for the music you left us. And I still remain. 

  1. Swinging
  2. Rebels
  3. Southern Accents
  4. Honeybee
  5. American Girl
  6. The Best of Everything
  7. Have Love Will Travel
  8. The Last DJ
  9. Crawling Back to You
  10. Wake Up Time
  11. Here Comes My Girl
  12. Runaway Trains
  13. Ways to Be Wicked
  14. Into the Great Wide Open
  15. The Apartment Song
  16. Something Good Coming
  17. Billy the Kid
  18. Two Gunfighters
  19. Free Girl Now
  20. Time to Move On

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  1. Wow, a top 20! Is that the first time you’ve had a top 20? He has so many good songs it is really hard for me to make a comparable list.

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    • It is my first top 20! Like you stated, there are so many good Petty tunes…I know I left off some big radio hits and several good Traveling Wilburys tunes. Man I really miss Tom!


  2. Last DJ could be a little higher. One of my faves. Along with “ I wont back down”. Not to mention all the artists and songs he collaborated with. You have to do a Traveling Wilburys tribute.

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    • I almost put a Wilburys song on the list, but did not want to go down the rabbit hole of collaboration because he collaborated with many (Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, the lads in the Traveling Wilburys, Stevie Nicks, others) and you are correct about thinking about a Wilburys tribute!


  3. Lots of great songs to choose from. Some of my top tier Petty tunes include ‘Don’t Come Around Here No More’, ‘Free Fallin”, and ‘Straight Into Darkness’.

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