Haiku # 34

Gaze in Costello’s~

deep and dark truthful mirror…~

is that old man me?

An old high school friend, Daron, and his recent musings in a FB message lead me back to Elvis Costello’s tune “Deep Dark Truthful Mirror” which inspired Haiku #34. I’ve aged more than I care to acknowledge in the seven years since we last had a beer together as well my friend! And we still remain!

DaronGregFeb2015LasVegas Rio

My friend Daron in Las Vegas back in 2015. We had not seen each other for twenty plus years, but it was as if no time had passed. If only we could stop time! Las Vegas, Nevada. Feb. 2015.

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Time Spiral

Time Spiral. Photo courtesy of http://whirlwindcreative.com/visualizing-time/

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