In the Time of COVID-19

From Wuhan China

a pandemic quickly spread

called COVID-19.


C.D.C. and WHO

first advised DO NOT WEAR MASKS

they will not protect.


Number of cases

spiraled out of control in

span of two quick months.


Social distancing

stay at home orders will quell

the deadly virus.


But not all stayed home

bunch of COVIDIOTS, so

the virus increased.


Families torn apart

very efficient killer

with no effective cure.


Hospitals became 

overwhelmed – no PPEs

infected no hope.


Fast food coffee shops

no contact delivery

drive thru or take out.


Those deemed essential

work fearing for their lives

to shelve toilet paper.


Day after day – repeat

while celebs stream “Imagine”

we all lose our minds. 


Pandemic still strong

isolate keep our heads down

and time will tell. 



© 2020 Gregory Vessar. All Rights Reserved.

Global COVID-19 as of April 3, 2020

Global COVID-19 as of April 3, 2020. Courtesy of the C.D.C.

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