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John Prine RIP April 7, 2020.

John Prine RIP April 7, 2020. Photo courtesy of

On April 7, 2020, John Prine died from complications due to the coronavirus COVID-19. According to Rolling Stone Magazine, “Prine, who left behind an extraordinary body of folk-country classics, was hospitalized last month after the sudden onset of COVID-19 symptoms, and was placed in intensive care for 13 days.” The two-time Grammy winner and American songwriter legend also battled cancer in his later years. 

JPLostDogsI discovered Prine’s music in 1991 after listening to his album The Missing Years. Four years later I became obsessed with his album Lost Dogs and Mixed Blessings which contains my favorite Prine song “Lake Marie”.  I then delved into his music catalog and became a lifelong fan. His last album, The Tree of Forgiveness, was released in 2018. The end track on the album is “When I Get to Heaven” and is a sort of laundry list of things he will do when he dies and goes to heaven. Although a bit tongue in cheek, as only Prine can be, it still tugs at the heartstrings and warms your heart. As a lyricist, few can hold a candle to his poetic prowess. You will be missed John, but your music will live forever. I’ll keep the candle lit while you find your way to town.  

And I still remain. 


My Top Ten John Prine Songs

  1. Lake Marie
  2. Summer’s End
  3. When I Get to Heaven
  4. All the Way with You
  5. Picture Show
  6. Knockin’ On the Screen Door
  7. That’s the Way the World Goes Round
  8. Angel from Montgomery
  9. All the Best
  10. We are the Lonely


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