Need a Cure for the COVID Blues? Check Out The Rainmakers!

RainmakersVinylBack in the 80s, a local Kansas City band by the name of Steve, Bob, & Rich were playing the KC bar scene. They had a loyal following in the town of their origin and soon ventured out to the rest of the nation. By 1986, they added a member,  changed their name to The Rainmakers, and released their self titled debut album to popular and critical success. They conquered the Midwest and not long after that, the nation with songs like “Downstream”, “Let My People Go-Go”. Next stop Norway! Wait, Norway? Norway. The band struck gold in the country of Norway and became one of the most popular musical imports for Norwegians! Back in the States, their sophomore album, Tornado, contained a couple of minor hits, but was never as big as their debut album. Bob Walkenhorst continues to front the band and they were still performing sold out shows in Norway!


The Rainmakers. Circa 1987

I was lucky enough to witness their live energy while attending Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas back in 1987. They played a show at White Concert Hall, a small venue right on campus, which made the show intimate and energetic. It was a great show! During these times of pandemic and quarantines, take some time and check out some great Rainmaker’s music! 

My Top Ten Rainmakers Songs

  1. Long Gone Long
  2. Big Fat Blonde
  3. Doomsville 
  4. Downstream
  5. The Wages of Sin
  6. Government Cheese
  7. Let My People Go-Go
  8. Drinking on the Job
  9. Rainmaker
  10. The One That Got Away


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  1. I might just lend them an ear! Sure to beat ‘sugar sugar’ by the Archies! 🤣

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