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My good friend, Ken Logsdon made a very simple comment on Facebook: “I would like to see your Steve Miller Band top 10.” Okay Ken, this top ten is for you brother!

But, before we get into that top ten, I have to thank Ken for renewing my interest in the Steve Miller Band. I’ve always been a fan and have several SMB CDs in my collection, butSMB GREATEST 74-78 when I went to make this top ten list, I discovered my iTunes library contained no Steve Miller songs! So I browsed through Apple Music and began streaming my favorite Steve Miller Band songs. Back in the day when I finally purchased my first CD player, Steve Miller Band “Greatest Hits 1974-78” was actually the first CD I bought to start my collection. Pink Floyd “The Wall” and U2 “The Joshua Tree” were second and third. Anyway, I digress. This top ten is for you Ken! Let me know where I went rogue!

My Steve Miller Band Top Ten

  1. Serenade
  2. Swingtown
  3. Take the Money and Run
  4. The Joker
  5. Jet Airliner
  6. Dance, Dance, Dance
  7. Fly Like an Eagle
  8. Jungle Love
  9. Space Cowboy
  10. Rock’n Me

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  1. Did they not do ‘Abracadabra’ Greg? An amazing memory for me!!!

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