A Pretenders Top Ten!

If you read my recent post “Musical Crushes = Powerhouse Women of Rock” (link below), you know that Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders is one of my powerhouse women of rock! And yes, I had a huge crush on her and her music back in the day! Their music was different from the groups I had previously listened to and I was captured by their rock-n-roll image of rebellion and Chrissie’s sassy presentation of her powerhouse vocals. Sadly, I’ve never had the opportunity to see her play live and with COVID-19 shutting everything down, I don’t know if the opportunity will  present itself anytime soon. The one thing this pandemic cannot stop is my Pretenders Top Ten! Check it out and give them a listen!

And their new album “Hate for Sale” is set for release on July 17, 2020. Can’t wait to give it a listen!

  1. Message of Love
  2. Stop Your Sobbing
  3. My Baby
  4. 2000 Miles
  5. Talk of the Town
  6. Middle of the Road
  7. Kid
  8. Back on the Chain Gang
  9. My City Was Gone
  10. I’ll Stand By You

Read more about my musical crushes and my powerhouse women of rock at https://displacedkansan.com/2020/07/01/musical-crushes-powerhouse-women-of-rock/

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  1. 2000 miles has the thumbs up from me Greg 👍

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  2. I hope you don’t mind!!! But I have nominated you for the ‘Sunshine Blogger Award’ should you choose to take part? I considered some very interesting questions for you! Please say yes? Looking forward to finding out about you a little bit more Greg! 😙

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  3. You got my Top 3 in there, “Talk of the Town,” “Kid,” and “Stop Your Sobbing.”

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