Haiku #112

Unexpected throne~

on a deserted old road~

rest 'dem weary bones!

I wrote this haiku to accompany a photograph I took on a rainy afternoon. My subject was a single, lone chair serving time as a respite for a rural bus stop in northern Japan. I submitted the photo and the haiku to Dust Poetry Magazine for publication. My photo and haiku appear in Dust Poetry Magazine’s Issue 5, Portraits: Gallery of Empty Chairs.

A lone chair bus stop in northern Japan on the road to Shichinohe. Tohuku-Machi, Kamikita-Gun, Aomori, Japan. September 14, 2020. Photo by Greg Vessar.

Click on the link to view this work at Dust Poetry Magazine Online.


My Warren Zevon haiku was also recently published in Dust Poetry Magazine. It is titled “Haiku 3” because it was the third of three haiku I submitted to the magazine together…they selected the Zevon haiku for publication. Here is the link:


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  1. Just checked out the site with your chair in it…your’e is far & away the best and most artistic.

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  2. Congrats on the publication!

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