Misawa Sand Dollars

Misawa Sand Dollars. Summer 2020. Photo by Greg Vessar.

We have endured record snow fall in the northern Japanese city of Misawa this year with over 140 inches of snow blanketing us in a “big chill”. I, for one, am ready for the snow to end! I long to stroll the sands of my favorite beaches (Sand Dollar and Ship Wreck) and explore more of Mutsu Bay. Tomorrow is March 1st and while I know to expect snow to fall well into April, I still hope this last snowfall was it for 2021! And I wish upon my lucky sand dollars!

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  1. That is a lot of snow. Here in the U.S. in East Tennessee we have barely had a dusting. I usually like one really good snow that sort of keeps everyone in for a day or two. We haven’t even had that. Today the temps reached 75 degrees F with a good bit of clouds and humidity. This is a bit unseasonably warm for us and just a teaser. We could very well have snow in March but we know it won’t last for long if we do. Hoping your snowfall is behind you for this season. I love the sand dollars.


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