Sunday Sushi in Korea

California Roll & Sushi. Osan, South Korea. July 10, 2022.

When is a good day for sushi? Any day really, but this past Sunday seemed especially fitted for the consumption of sushi. What made this day so tailor-made for fresh, raw fish? It was the first day in a long time that Melissa and I were at home together with nothing on our agenda. We decided to brave the pressing, liquid heat of South Korea and walked the streets of the local neighborhood. After conquering close to the 3,000 steps it took to reach our destination, we arrived at California Roll & Sushi. We entered the unassuming sushi restaurant and immediately relished in the cool air that greeted us as we sat down. The hostess/waitress came over and welcomed us with a smile. California Roll & Sushi is a small restaurant with big flavors! The sushi chef was skilled at his trade and our food was not only delicious, but stunningly beautiful.

We ordered gyoza to start and to my disappointment, it was deep fried. I prefer steamed, but I have to admit that the gyoza was quite tasty accompanied by an exquisite sweet soy sauce. We then ordered “The Rose” (spicy tuna) and “The Green Dragon” (shrimp). Both were absolutely delicious! Since leaving Japan, I have been hoping to find a sushi restaurant as good as our favorites in Misawa and this past Sunday, mission accomplished! I foresee many return trips to California Roll & Sushi!

A walk though the SED. Osan, South Korea. July 10, 2022.
Photo by Greg Vessar
Gyoza. July 10, 2022. Photo by Greg Vessar.
The Green Dragon. July 10, 2022. Photo by Greg Vessar.
The Rose. July 10, 2022. Photo by Greg Vessar.
Delicious! July 10, 2022. Photo by Greg Vessar.
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  1. I am so hungry reading this and seeing the pics.


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