Olivia Newton-John: A Top Ten Remembrance

    If you grew up listening to FM radio or nervously asked that special someone to dance at a middle school dance during the 1970s and 80s when this singer’s song played, there is a more than good chance that you fell in love with Olivia Newton-John. My mother loved her and so did my brother and I. She had it all: voice, courage, compassion, and beauty. And, of course, she dominated the music and movie scene with “Grease” and became a part of American pop culture for eternity. She was the first celebrity to go public with her cancer diagnosis back in the early 90s and battled the disease for thirty years. She started The Olivia Newton John Foundation Fund to sponsor plant based cancer medicine research. Her dream was to realize a world beyond cancer and she always remained positive and refused to play the part of cancer victim. She is an inspiration to millions. Her foundation website can be accessed with the following link:
     Sadly, I awoke this morning to the sad news that Olivia Newton-John passed away peacefully surrounded by friends and family. I immediately texted my little brother in the States and we began a conversation about her music and what it meant to us. Our mom’s favorite song was “I Honestly Love You” and I have fond memories of her listening to that song and others as they wafted through our little farmhouse. As we discussed our top ten lists, my brother put “Hopelessly Devoted to You” at the top. He chose this as his number one song because, in his words, “Hopelessly Devoted has always been my favorite.. The clarity and precision of the vocals exemplify her voice.” No argument from me. I like it too, but it is not my number one. My number one is “A Little More Love” with “Summer Nights” clocking in at number two! She was a very successful singer before “Grease”, but that was the role that shot her to super stardom. She was so much more, yet she will always live in our hearts as Sandra Dee! 

My Top Ten Olivia Newton-John Songs!

1. A Little More Love
2. Summer Nights
3. Xanadu
4. Hopelessly Devoted to You
5. You’re the One That I Want
6. Have You Never Been Mellow
7. Let Me Be There
8. I Honestly Love You
9. Please Mr. Please
10. Physical

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“A Little More Love” Olivia Newton-John Live
“Summer Nights” from the movie “Grease”.
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  1. I just loved her. A couple of the songs you mentioned I had totally forgotten.

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