My brother-in-law and friend, Mike “Mikey-G” Graham, lost his battle with pancreatic cancer a little over a year ago.  In honor of his birthday, a few of my favorite Mikey-G pictures to celebrate his life.  I could have chosen so many other photos, but Mike was not a big “social media” guy, so these are enough. Happy Birthday Mikey-G!

This is my favorite picture. I took this picture at a beach on Kauai in 2016. Camera in hand, eyes looking out from behind sunglasses in earnest contemplation and, in my mind, contentment. I do wonder what you were thinking at that precise moment.

I snapped this shot at a Ginza auto dealer in Tokyo, Japan in 2019. Cars always brought out the childlike wonder you too often hid beneath the surface. 

You and I on one of our last big adventures. Awesome meal. Awesome company. I miss you Mike.

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