IKEA in Korea!

         Once upon a time in a Korean prefecture not long ago, we packed up the car and went on a short road trip to IKEA! Yes, IKEA. That monolith of Scandinavian furniture and precious items with unique names that one cannot do without. Items like silicone oven pads that fit just your thumb and finger, stainless steel tongs in various sizes, a pack of two Anledning that attach to your wine glass and hold your cheese and cracker or other wine-type snacks, a Fiskbo to frame that precious 10 x15 cm photo, several Mellösa (acrylic shelving) for a secret project, and  a Variera to organize that cabinet shelf (and yes, I had to put that one together!). If your curiosity gets the best of you and you need to know what these items look like, I’m sure you can Google it or just go to the IKEA website! We did not eat at the IKEA dining facility, but we did grab a couple of drinks, pastries, and a roll of Kafferep, you know those biscuits with raspberry flavored filling that are actually memorable moments with laughter and biscuits. 
        After IKEA, we popped across the road and explored the Lotte Premium Outlets, which is your typical three leveled outlet mall. But it was at Lotte that I found an interesting sandwich shop called The American Egg Sand. It only sold egg sandwiches! This eatery had all kinds of egg sandwiches with a big variety of combinations. One option was a hot dog sharing a bun with creamy scrambled egg, cheese, mayo, and hot sauce! Sadly I did not take a photo of the menu, but happily I had an egg sandwich and it was absolutely delicious! 
       Thinking back on our IKEA Kafferep roll of raspberry filled biscuits, that is exactly what we experienced on our short little road trip: memorable moments with laughter and biscuits…oh and an egg sandwich! 
IKEA in Korea! There are four IKEA locations in South Korea. August 2022. Photo by Greg Vessar.
Memorable moments in IKEA! August 2022.
My sandwich at The American Egg Sand. Lotte Premium Outlets Mall. South Korea. August 2022. Photo by Greg Vessar.
Oh my! This sandwich is delicious! The American Egg Sand. Lotte Premium Outlets Mall. South Korea. August 2022.
Photo by Greg Vessar.
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