Sunday Tea at Cafe CF

Melissa and I had a scrumptious Sunday afternoon tea at a little upstairs hideaway in the Songtan Entertainment District (SED) called Cafe CF. Once you find the sign, take the stairs, and enter this little unassuming cafe, you are immediately whisked away from your current reality. The SED disappears. Osan disappears. Korea fades into the background. You are now wherever you want to be and you are there with some absolutely delicious beverages and desserts! You had me at dessert! Melissa and I indulged in a Nutella Cronut (a cross between a croissant and doughnut with whipped cream, Nutella, and caramel!), a lemonade, and an iced milk tea latte. We sat, we talked, and we ate. It was a superb Sunday afternoon!

Cafe CF Lemonade, Nutella Cronut, and an iced Milk Tea Latte. Delicious! Cafe CF South Korea.August 2022. Photo by Greg Vessar.
Cafe CF South Korea. August 2022. Photo by Greg Vessar.
Where am I? Oh well, bring on the desserts! Cafe CF South Korea. August 2022. Photo by Greg Vessar.

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