Winter Memory

The winter mornings
snuggled in my memories
recall happy times.

Smothered in blankets
a foot peeks out feels the chill
and slips back under.

Wake up son…m’boy
We’re burning a lot of daylight
I’ve been here for hours.

Echoes demanding
attention as they tip-toe
through schema of dreams.

My mind and body
begin to slowly awake
wishing to remain. 
My little brother with our old farm cat, Starsky. Circa 1976.

© 2023 Gregory Vessar. A Thousand Miles from Kansas. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Love the pic of Brian!

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  2. Our farm cats would also get up on posts! Cats love to be on the highest thing in the room. Jakie found a way to get on top of our tall armoire (at least 6.5 ft tall) and hide up there watching us below. Then when he jumped down he didn’t use the intermediary table…so straight down and a loud THUD when he landed. Your brother was well disguised in the pic!

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