30 Years Ago …June 10, 1989!

Dunnottar Castle!

Dunnottar Castle. Stonehaven, Scotland. June 9, 2019.

Wow! Thirty years down the road and I am blessed to be married to the same woman. Melissa and I will celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary this month. We were married at First Baptist Church in Kansas City, Kansas thirty years ago on June 10, 1989. Our wedding rehearsal dinner was held at the Frontier Steak House on State Avenue and our reception was right there in the church facilities! Our family and friends were all in attendance…it was a special day! First Baptist Church in KCK holds a very dear place in our hearts as the place where we stood before God and were joined together in Holy matrimony. It seems like yesterday we all gathered at the church. I look back on that time and I see all the faces of those in attendance and still a part of our adventure; and of those we can no longer talk with or hug…my mother, Grandma Moody, Grandma Ruthie…Melissa’s parents, Sandy and Glenn, and her grandparents, Alice and Morris Ashton and Chester and Sadie Graham. A lot has happened over those thirty years; some good and some not so good, but our love of God and one another always guided us through the rough seas and here we are thirty years down the road! Still together and still in love. She is my best friend and my true soul mate. 


Misawa, Japan. 2019.

I am truly blessed to spend my life with Melissa. We have seen each other through some rough waters and we have shared beautiful moments on a calm sea. We have had great adventures! And the places we’ve explored and lived together!… Japan, Marshall Islands, Germany, France, Italy, China, Indonesia, Mexico, Pohnpei, Kosrae, Guam, Jamaica, Belize, Cozumel, St. Kits, Cancun, Dominican Republic, Honduras…the list is almost endless! And thanks to the Air Force, we’ve had our time apart, but we always find our way back to each other and stronger than before and even more in love, if that is possible!


Morioka, Japan. 2018.

I love you Melissa! I’m ready for a hundred more years together!


Tanesashi Coast. Hachinohe, Japan. 2018.

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  1. Happy anniversary! What a beautiful post

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  2. Congrats to you both. I see you’ve lived in parts of the Caribbean. Sounds fun!


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